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While the pages of this website are a pictorial journey of my modeling work, at heart I am an artist. Creating is my true love and passion. Since an early age, I remember being fascinated by the beauty of the feminine form. As an artist’s model I am able to fuse the two passions together and I am able to collaborate and help develop an artist’s and my own visual concepts come to life. I truly find it an honor to participate in their creative process.

I have modeled for over 150 master fantasy/pin-up/fetish artists including Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Lorenzo Sperlonga, Dorian Cleavenger among others. I have been published in several books, calendars and magazines incuding Photographer Magazine, Heavy Metal Fantasy Magazine multiple covers and art, Playboy Magazine, Maxim, and a book of my work published by Heavy Metal Magazine called "The Muse".

In September 2000, I launched Narcisse Designs, a couture fashion company. Each handcrafted piece is an artistic expression ranging from erotica to full blown glamour. Specializing in the avant garde, we work in rich fabrics and nontraditional materials including metal and feathers. Focusing in on fantasy inspired couture wear, each outfit is custom tailored to our clients exact measurements, produced by hand, guaranteeing a million dollar fit and a completely unique look.

I also co-own an erotically charged art gallery in Chicago named Gallery Provocateur (formerly Echo Gallery). The gallery holds rotating exhibitions.

"Exotic Entrepreneur--Veronika Where you've seen her: As the 'Hot Listener' and Web girl for syndicated radio personality Mancow Muller, a spokesmodel for Airgun Paintball and an erotic fantasy pin-up girl. Veronika's passion for artistic expression has led her into fashion design with an avant-garde flair using nontradional materials such as metal and feathers. With a focus on fantasy and fetish wear, her designs are custom-tailored for a completely unique look and have been worn by Playmates and rock stars. Immersed in art and artistic exploration, Veronika not only models for some of the biggest names in the pin-up world, but she also designs and operates a Chicago gallery, Narcisse Designs (, that specializes in erotic and fantasy art. 'Part of me is an exhibitionist. I like turning heads and making people realize that nudity does not have to have a pornographic element to it. The female form is a beautiful work of art and should be seen and appreciated." as excerpted by Playboy Special Editions, Book of Lingerie Sept/Oct 2002

"Richard M., a fellow photographer said, 'You have got to shoot Veronika.' Trusting him, I arranged the shoot. When I met Veronika, I understood why the English language has superlatives. Adjectives such as sexiest, most attractive, most glamorous, most vivacious and most poised all came to mind. I was not disappointed. Veronika brings to modeling a sincerity and maturity well beyond her years. It has made her one of the most photographed and highly desired art models in the world. Best of all, underneath the glamorous exterior beats the heart of a warm and loyal person, whom I am honored to call, friend. In addition to being an accomplished model, Veronika owns and designs clothing for Narcisse Designs and co-owns and manages one of Chicago's most exciting and cutting edge art galleries, Echo. Follow the links below to Veronika's world." as written by professional photographer Edward Emering

"It recently came to my attention that photographers have a patron saint. In case you hadn't heard, and I hadn't until I stumbled across it, a woman wiped the brow of Jesus with a cloth as he was carrying the cross to his crucifixion On the cloth were his features, permanently impressed. The name of the woman, and the saint, was Veronica. Serendipity? Perhaps. I haven't known Veronika all that long, but in that short time -- a dozen photo shoots and a few other collaborations -- she certainly has become an inspiration. I would even go so far as to call her a muse, not only to me but to a good number of photographers and artists. What makes her one? Certainly beautiful models abound, and not to take anything from them as they do provide artists with a certain sense of accomplishment when they become subjects. But there is something else about working with Veronika that awakens in an artist an extra sense of perception, a bit more creative effort, and maybe even some underlying talent. It could be her beauty, or her creative intelligence, or her willingness to try new ideas. I think more likely, however, it is her indefatigable energy. Like an energizer bunny on steroids, although she's not just beating a drum. She's orchestrating a symphony. She boils over with ideas and her enthusiasm for those ideas is highly contagious. And then, what is unique about her and different from other idea people, she carries them out. The icing on the cake and what makes this muse as close to perfect as an earthly one could be, is her warmth and her kindness. Veronika makes friends and colleagues, co-workers and collaborators, artists and neophytes feel as if they are the most important people in her world. Her myriad of endeavors pull her in hundreds of directions, but she always seems willing to give of herself -- a wonderful gift that inspires many. I know it has me." --Photographer Brad Schade, Light Design Photography

Veronika and The Echo Gallery as excerpted from Bellazine Fine Art Magazine Issue #9, written by Tom Smugala "Wow! Where do you start? An art gallery, a fashion design salon, a recording studio the list is endless. I'd have to say that I have never come across anything like this. Located in the heart of Chicago directed by Veronika who is turning the way we think of an art gallery on it's head. If there ever was a couple like this I sure can't find them. She is the true definition of the renaissance woman. I met Veronika while shooting for this story who, by the way, just happens to be a well known fine art model. She truly is the definition of grace and beauty and a pleasure to work with. I first came across the couple while visiting their web site. where there is so much information and great artwork it makes your head spin. I couldn't believe that two people could travel so fast and do so much. But it¹s all there and I am so happy that I was able to become part of their life's journey even if only in a small way. The echo gallery is a 2400 sq. ft gallery which was built from scratch. It reminds you of some of the forward thinking galleries found in Europe with a heavy Gothic feel. They literally did all the renovations themselves down to the plumbing work. It¹s just another example of the love and passion that Veronika has for everything she does. I could go on for hours and endless pages of the accomplishments, but I don't feel I could come close to doing justice to the immense talent of the couple. When I think of it all it just makes my heart hit the floor wishing I had similar passion."

by Jack Henslee, Master Pin-Up Artist ( "A modern-day Renaissance woman, Veronika is the driving force behind the House of Narcisse. A feisty model with a cutting-edge, touch-of-class style, Veronika is a muse gifted in both body and brilliance. Her versatile talents extend to include a line of award-winning fetish and erotic costuming and fashion, video consultation, multimedia presentations, creative outsourcing, conceptual design, an artisan gallery, and a seemingly endless list of other accomplishments. These always provocative and uninhibited endeavors are as unique as the lovely siren herself -- her avant-garde approach constantly breaks open boundaries by exploring and challenging nontraditional mediums and materials. Her clients have included celebrities ranging from rock stars to Playboy models, and her scores of admirers include the world's most preeminent artists and photographers, over fifty of whom have immortalized her in their works."

by Ken Curtis, Owner "Often it is said that someone's 'got it'. Whatever the 'it' is that they refer to is, I believe you have it. In your case I think the 'it' is great glamour, high intelligence and very original edgy creativity. Your presence is impeccable, your photos are exquisitely styled and it all comes together into a very impressive presentation of you. Very good work Veronika"

by Legendary Photographer Justice Howard, ( "You don't have to try too hard as you already have what I call 'ALL OF THE ELEMENTS'"

"Veronika K: Brains, beauty, charisma, drive, determination, creativity, ambition... There are hardly enough words in the English language! Of course, these things have been rightfully said about her by others repeatedly, so I'll also mention some of her other qualities that might get overlooked in the justified zeal to describe her work, her talents, and her looks. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Kind. Caring. Courageous. Never too busy for a friend. Always quick to reach out a hand to new people. Always sees the good in everyone. Appreciative. In total, a truly remarkable human being, someone I feel fortunate to call a "colleague", proud to call a "friend", and whose accomplishments to date I believe are only a tantalizing hint of what is still to come." --Photographer Richard Murrian

"With a focused desire to be the best at every facet of what Veronika is truly interested in, she has gone beyond the text book and beyond the mentor and worked through the real life experiences that has got her to where she is today. Veronica is not only a silky-skinned fine-art model that can be seen at but she is a cutting edge business woman and clothing designer, she has now grown and branched out her experience and her companies into 3 major areas High-end fashion design/modeling , Cutting Edge Art Gallery Owner , and most recently eCommerce Web Designer catering to established and start up entities doing business in Chicago. People talk of the American dream, Veronika lives it everyday."--Dewey Gosnell, Webmaster

"Look at Veronika's web site and you'll see a dizzying array of images, by many different artists. Photographs, drawings, paintings, digital art... and more than a few things which are difficult to categorize. There are straightforward representational images, and there are wild fantasy states, things that exist only in the mind of the artist. Who is it that inspires such images? I've wondered what those who have never met her must think. To them, Veronika must seem like some mythical creature, seen only from a distance, shimmering like a mirage. Perhaps she is a character out of some cyberpunk novel. Can she possibly be real? I can vouch for her existence in this world. She is flesh and blood, beautiful and charismatic to be sure; but very real. Seeing her in jeans and a sweater, wrapping artwork in the chaos of Echo Gallery between exhibits, it takes an artists eye to make the visual leap from the person to the pictures on the wall. Point a camera at her and the posture gracefully shifts, as life flashes from the eyes. Knowing the real person, one learns how she fills her time: Model, clothing designer, gallery owner, web site designer. As a busy person myself, I'm all too well aware how much energy that must take. She remains friendly and approachable, too. What matters most though, is that Veronika brings beauty into the world, by being a wonderful model, by inspiring artists, and then by providing places on gallery walls and in the more ambiguous spaces of the internet for their work to be seen. What more could one ask?" Ken Mierzwa -- author/photographer/geezerpunk -- Ferndale, CA

“Veronika : There are so many things one could say about Veronika. She IS both sides of every coin… Muse and artist, beauty and brains, dealer and fan, classic and cutting edge. Really, it’s hard to capture her in a few words, for that matter its hard to capture her in many words…but if I had to try….id say… she is in essence, the pin-up girl of a modern renaissance woman.”--- Anjin, Artist

"Veronika is one of a kind. She brings to the shoot unbridled enthusiasm, more than a fair share of creativity and boundless energy. She brings to the viewer 1000 different looks, each unique, each inviting, each sensuous Veronika is everything good a model should be, and then some!" --Bruce Mondschain, Photographer

"There are people who are right brain oriented and others who are left brain oriented. Some people are brains, others are brawn. Now and then you find someone who has it all together. Veronika is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. Veronika originally contacted me in hopes of modeling for me. I quickly found out that she had many other talents. Over time I had the pleasure to shoot Veronika and other models including Playboy Playmates in her awesome designs. Some of the shoots were held at her provocative Echo Gallery. There has never been anyone I have worked with that had so many skills from her haute couture designs, website design skills, marketing and promotion, not to mention what she does in front of the camera. I can't end my comments without mentioning that on top of her beauty and talent, she is one of the nicest people you could know. She isn't the prima donna I so often encounter in this business. I am pleased to state Veronika have become a friend I cherish deeply. Veronika, a Chicago landmark!"--Photographer Lew Wurdeman of Vividere Photography

"Veronika, est une femme délicieuse et pleine de ressources. Nous nous sommes rencontré chez elle, à Chicago. Son énergie et son charme vous enveloppe avec douceur. Elle est belle, puissante et inventive. Elle est unique et donc très précieuse... Veronika is a delicious woman full of resources. We first meet at an exhibition in Chicago. Her energy and charm softly wrap you up. She is beautiful, powerful and inventive. She is unique and then very precious... "--Jehan Legac, Artist

"Veronika, has the unique ability to see and understand style. Veronika does not just wear clothes, the clothes adorn her body like the paint adorns a Monet, or a Rembrandt painting. Veronika is a most beautiful model with a sensational figure. She creates a relationship with the camera and always gives her best to the Photographer and his/her camera in clothes or nude. A joy to work with."--Art Ketchum/Art Ketchum Studios/Chicago, IL

"What can I say about Veronika? Beautiful, fascinating, ambitious, genuine, generous, sweet, brilliant ... you get the picture. I have painted 15 paintings of Veronika over the course of 3 years. Each painting requiring from 200 to 300 hours to execute. In every work it was magical to experience a different look and a different spirit from the very same girl. What an incredible talent and human being. I can only feel a touch of sadness for da Vinci who only experienced one Mona Lisa." --Canada's erotic fantasy fine artist Bryan Kemila

"Je suis très heureux d'avoir rencontré Veronika, merci monsieur Internet. Elle est vraiment devenue une Muse pour moi. Il est passionnant pour un artiste de pouvoir céer avec un modèle aussi intéressant, sans contraintes."--Artist Yannick Chosse

"I have worked with Veronika for the past two years and it has always been an absolute joy. I have so much respect for a smart self-made woman like herself. She is not only beautiful but so incredibly talented both artistically in her fashion design and modeling and in the world of business with her PR skills and in running a successful gallery. On top of all that, she is both kind and sweet in person. What more could you ask for in a modern renaissance woman? I always highly recommend that people take the chance to work with her as it has been my joy to do so."--Artist Jessica Dougherty

"Stunningly stylish in herself and everything she touches, truly an inspiration!" --Artist Ray Leaning

"If there was only one model I could ever work with, her name would be "V". She has the presence to know exactly the look and feel I'm going for and is able to express those movements and emotions with every twist and turn she creates".

-- Jef Caudle, artist "What do I say about Veronika? First -Undeniably beautiful without question. Second- Very smart, without question. Third- one of the sweetest, and the most down to earth models I've had the pleasure of knowing for a long time. Enough said." --Geoff , Photographer

"Veronika from Narcisse Designs is not only beautiful but is always trying to make people feel good about themselves. She is a pleasure to work with and lets you use your creativity so that her fashion shows are a partnership of ideas. Her clothing designs always bring out the best in people and her support of the arts is a breath of fresh air in a time when the support of the arts is fading i would do anything for her cause you can always depend on her generosity and warm embrace . she is the best!!!"--Tony Galigo, Stylist "I only photographed Veronika for two hours in a very small room but came away with several astonishing photographs and we both had a wonderful first time shooting together. Veronika is as enthusiastically creative as she is seductively chameleon. I will work with her again and again..." Howard M. Christopherson, Minneapolis, MN

"Veronika is as much a siren as she is a muse. She encompasses a delicate balance of beauty, glamour, and sophistication. An inspiration to all she meets, there is no competition for her title as Perfect Muse."-- Performance Artist Smokey DeVille "Being an artist who has shown in the US and Europe I always have an eye out for open-minded models. I was immediately taken by her striking looks. A mutual friend introduced us and I asked Veronika if she would consider modeling for me. Much to my delight she agreed and we’ve had a wonderful working relationship as well as a great friendship ever since. She is always willing and suggestive to different poses, locations, costumes and thanks to her great fashion designs skills she always has a suitcase full of unique and exquisite pieces she’s made herself. Over the years I’ve been happy and pleased to see her career grow and look forward to working on new projects in the future."--Artist Christopher Bonk